Melanie Chalk

A photograph is the pause button on life.


Sandgate Art Group meets weekly on a Wednesday morning at the Chichester Hall. It is an informal group where we just sit and 'Do our Art" and chat, and offer praise and advice on each others work. It creates a discipline, once a week, to work creatively, to find time to immerse oneself in the media you enjoy.  For some they only paint or draw once a week at the group, whereas others are more productive and work at home through the week producing their Art. Having been invited to take part in the Hythe Art Trail as part of the Hythe Festival, three of us decided to combine to display a good body of work.

The Artists 

Kathleen Stapleton 

Born and educated in London, teachers recognised my talent as an artist in my early years.  My teacher  introduced me to ' the Studio' which was housed in the Upper Gallery of Whitechapel Art Gallery.  I was accepted as a pupil and attended on Saturday mornings.  I was studying Fine Arts at A'Level and was able to explore different forms and styles of drawing, sculpture and pottery at the 'Studio'    I eventually achieved Grade A,  A Level Art and in my working life utilised my artistic talent as I trained and worked as a Draughtsperson and Photographic Technician. In 2012 I moved to Folkestone and in 2015 then settled in Sandgate, where I joined the Art Group and picked up a paintbrush for the first time in 45years! Long may it last!  

Francoise Lloyd 

Encouraged to paint by my school colleagues and my Papa, having found I could no longer sing. I started to explore and enjoy the sheer vitality of colours, volumes and textures. This was 1998! And I keep going, again thanks to my friends and best critics.  

Melanie Chalk 

 I am an avid photographer specialising in atmospheric seaside shots and delightful macros of flowers.. Through my career as a florist I had a great affinity with flowers, and photographing them in their natural habitat as well as in "close-up" is something I just can't resist. In retirement, I have been able to rekindle my ‘Arty” leanings, enjoying immersing myself in multimedia, printing, collages and working at incorporating photography into my art. I am enjoying playing! 

The Wall 2

Curating the Show

We all enjoyed gathering our 'art' together and deciding how to display our work on the walls.  Although our styles and mediums used are all very different the whole show of images worked very well together, complimenting the neighbouring image either in colour or subject.

Just needed a few more visitors to view and appreciate our efforts.

See the Gallery of Images HERE