Melanie Chalk

A photograph is the pause button on life.

Michael's Special Birthday

BRIAN was forcast to wreak havoc on the South East as we set off for the long arranged Birthday weekend! The large property had been hired to fit the family but was situated close to the sea at Lee Over Sands Essex. Nothing between us and the sea! Would we sleep, would we be buffeted by the strong winds forcast, would it be cold and draughty, but nothing could be changed, we'd paid the money we must make the best of it! The property an upside down house had a 360degree view of the flat landscape and was unprotected by other habitation, but was secure and silent even in the strong wind.  we could see how windy it was but we felt none of this from the warm interior.  We enjoyed a get together, a bit of time to walk and talk but as ever the hours flew. A lovely lunch was enjoyed at The Creek a restaurant in nearby Great Bentley, where we were joined by Marian, Kate, Buzz and Chloe. Michael's sweet was burnt by the sparklers we asked to be lit to accompany the Birthday singing, luckily they brought him another one. All was good as we waved the Pensons a safe journey home, back to the house to prepare for our Murder Mystery evening, the Great British Bump Off, unfortunately it turned out the Birthday Boy turned out to be the Murderer.  It was great fun and elicited much laughter, Loz managing to keep his country yokel accent going throughout, was hilarious. 

After waving goodbye to the Senior Junior Chalks we went for a blow along the estuary, quickly returning to the house leaving Loz and Freya to a longer walk.Having tided the house and left it as we found it, we drove to Mersea where we hoped to eat.  We wanted to try the Fish Shed here is what a food critic wrote, 'No wine, no waiters, no finery... just a weatherbeaten BYO beside the briny. But with seafood this good there's no better place to be stranded at high tide, as Jay Rayner discovered'

it was amazing, took our own bread and really enjoyed the seafood platter, just getting our tyres wet as we drove back across the causeway and back to Colchester.

A wonderful way to end a memorable weekend to celebrate Michael's 70th Birthday, he says it was great!