Melanie Chalk

A photograph is the pause button on life.


If you imagine pictures you have seen of brain, what comes to mind? What does the brain look like? Well people might say that the brain looks like wrinkles and has many folds. Or they may say that the brain looks like it is covered in hills and valleys. Looks like a Walnut or a Cauliflower. The brain is sometimes called grey matter, but is it really grey? What does your brain look like? Is it soft and squidgy or hard and rubbery? Actually … your brain has the consistency of warm butter! I asked people to hold out their hands and imagine placing, in them, an object that suggests a brain, or resembles its shape. What would you choose? These were some of those objects or ideas suggested: Scrambled Eggs, Sharp as a Tack, Memory and Memories, Foods, Wool and Wires, Chia Seeds and Simply Clenched Fists!

Photographer: Melanie Chalk 

 Production: Tom Lloyd