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Operation Stack Lorry Park

Here is an Audio Visual I made in PROTEST about the obscene waste of money for a monster Lorry Park that won't solve Operation Stack!

Is it my age? Is it because I have time on my hands now I'm retired? Is it because I care more?

Whatever the reason, on a daily basis, I continue to be enraged about the plan to build a Lorry Park to solve Operation Stack. To build it near to sites of SSI and ANB, to ruin our beautiful views, to affect so many properties and the lives of those who will live so close to the site, for what? A barren concrete or tarmac wilderness ready and waiting for another occurrence of Operation Stack, this monster site will not solve it, just create more chaos, and we haven't needed OS for 15 months and counting!

There have to better, less destructive measures that can be properly explored before a spade is lifted!

In my sixty plus years I have never written to the Prime Minister, Secretary of State, Chancellor of the Exchequer or marched at a Demonstration, or Consulted with a Government department. Well I have now!  I have written to local Councillors but they don't reply, and didn't even bother with my MP but I am eagerly awaiting Mrs May's letter in reply!  I am becoming a boring old women but my demonstration for the cause will NOT see me joining in the Naked Cycle Ride, there are limits to my support!

But I do make Audio Visuals, and having purchased the fund raising CD, Big Yellow Taxi, featuring Emilee Boyce and produced by Martin Hayles, who has kindly given me permission to use the track in my sequence, I was inspired to make it. See below to watch and listen on Vimeo.

Some of the images were taken very recently, and as luck would have it a Balloon ride, we made with Kent Ballooning last year, bailed close to Op Stack and close to where the Lorry Park may be, so I was pleased to see we had captured images of Stanford from above that I could use.  Others are screenshots from publications and FB and websites. The "March" images were taken by my friend Simon Newlyn. I am probably breaking all sorts of rules by recording sound from broadcasts found on the internet, but what the hell.  The crime of covering our part of Kent in concrete is more heinous than mine, and its on the internet for all to listen to.

So that's the end of my rant and it gave me great personal satisfaction to create this to the words from the song!



Operation Stack Lorry Park from Melanie Chalk on Vimeo.