Melanie Chalk

A photograph is the pause button on life.

Melanie Chalk DPAGB ARPS

Its now official a Distinction with the RPS, I have achieved ARPS in Multimedia. I set myself a goal in 2014 that I would go for my DPAGB and ARPS in 2015 and have achieved both at the first attempt. The judges at both panels included top experts in this discipline so to hear them comment on the photography and creativity in my application was affirming, confirming I had reached the high level to pass. When you consider the amount of images they contain, when presenting them for a distinction, the entrant is showcasing possibly 100’s of images as well as combining it with music and voice and effective transitions. If anyone is contemplating a distinction in Multimedia, either with the PAGB or RPS please contact me and I will be more that happy to pass on my experience. Audio Visuals often elicit groans when mentioned in Camera Clubs, have a bad press as being boring, but they don’t have to be! They can take hours and hours to create an entertaining 3 minutes! But they can be a very effective medium for displaying beautiful images as well as creative use of many PS skills.

Here are the links to Time, my latest that came second in the recent Annual KCPA AV Competition and then the three that gained me the ARPS in Multimedia.


Forgotten Heroes 

Mist and Fog